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Become part of our team! 

We are constantly looking for capable people who are enthusiastic about their work and are interested in working with us as part of their career path. Contact us at info@langpart.cz. We look forward to all our new colleagues! 

Current opportunities – external cooperation 

Our team of external translators and interpreters is constantly growing, so, if you are of the opinion that you could be of use and of benefit to LP, we look forward to your application. We will be happy to communicate with you and to provide you with all the information you need for the establishment of any cooperation. Please send your queries to hr@langpart.cz. If you are seriously interested in external cooperation with us, please send us a brief letter of motivation and your structured CV with the file name in the format of surname_name.pdf by email to hr@langpart.cz.  

We welcome offers in various language combinations and fields. 

We require: 

  • an excellent knowledge of Czech and a foreign language (a level of at least B2 (translations from a foreign language) and C1 (translations into a foreign language) in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)  
  • the corresponding education / the substantiation of any work experience
  • a focus on some of the specialist fields is an advantage
  • advanced knowledge of how to work with MS Office expands the range of opportunities for cooperation
  • work with a CAT tool is an advantage 
  • accessibility by email / cell phone
  • reliability, ability to work independently, good communicative skills, flexibility
  • an interest in the work, willingness and ability to learn new things 

Current opportunities – internal cooperation 

There are currently no free positions available. 

How do our translators see the cooperation with us?

Kinga Csanakyová, HU

I mainly appreciate the pleasant and fast communication, the helpfulness of the staff and the opportunity to contact them at any time it is necessary, even at night and at weekends … there is no need to panic with Language Partners®; if any unforeseen situations occur, everything can always be resolved successfully. I can only praise their meticulousness as far as the payment of invoices within maturity is concerned. 

Renata Paletová, DE

The cooperation with Language Partners® is highly beneficial and congenial. The approach of the colleagues from LP is always highly professional, but it never loses the human aspect. I appreciate the prompt communication and the provision of the necessary information and support … in all phases of the order. The regular provision of work is a pleasant bonus. After many years of cooperating with them, I can recommend it to others.

Andrea Rákaiová, BLG, RU

I rate the cooperation with Language Partners® very highly. The communication is excellent and it is possible at any time of the day, throughout the entire period of the realisation of the order. Any eventual problems or queries are resolved flexibly and to everybody’s mutual satisfaction. The feedback which the colleagues from Language Partners® provide is very important to me. It helps me to further improve the translations and positive reactions greatly motivate me. I hope that I will have many more opportunities to cooperate with them!!!

Andreas Pieralli, IT

I am in my second year of working with the Language Partners® translation agency and I am highly satisfied with their professionalism. I especially appreciate the precision of the information provided in relation to the order and the speed of the information exchange, as well as the speed with which they respond to any questions. Last, but not least, I appreciate the fact that the invoices are paid on time.

Petr Krchňavý, CHN

It is difficult to think of any problems from the time I have been working with Language Partners®. I appreciate their professionalism and the speed of the communication

Lucio Massarotto, HR, IT

I have been able to cooperate with the “Language Partners” without any problems. They always give you enough time to assess your interest in taking the offered job – they do not press you for urgent confirmation of the job by telephone as is usually the case. What’s more, they always try to provide reference materials and they are available whenever they are needed. I can also praise the punctuality of the invoice payments.

Brit Pliestik Jensen, DAN

I have had the honour of maintaining long-term cooperation with Language Partners®. I greatly appreciate the professional, yet human approach of the manager and her entire team. The cooperation is always problem-free, from the awarding of the translation through to its confirmation, the provision of reference materials and on to any feedback. LP emphasises a personal approach, not only towards its clients, but also towards its translators

Radim Balík, EN

To put it briefly, I like the cooperation and the prompt communication and your working hours especially fascinate me :-) … as does the fact that we are always able to reach reasonable agreements. I especially appreciate the constant supply of jobs – it is truly very satisfying when an email with an offer of an interesting job arrives more or less every day, so that I have all the work I need!

Dita Macháčková, EN

I am very happy with my cooperation with Language Partners® and the communication is at a truly excellent level, both during regular communication and whenever problems occur. If we do not know the terminology or if there are any irregularities associated with any orders, the answer always arrives quickly, including at weekends or on public holidays. I am still getting used to that, because other agencies give you no chance of getting any feedback at weekends. In general, I believe that the employees at LP do everything as well as they can, which is certainly reflected in the LP´s generally very good image. I also try to contribute to this good image and not to damage it in any way and I will continue to do so.

Justina Tóthová, HU

I see the cooperation with Language Partners® as a problem-free, long-term working relationship, which is based on trust, openness and the provision of accurate and timely information. This allows the creation of stable cooperation, which is suitable for both sides. The job orders are always well formulated and the deadlines are agreed so that they suit the translators and the clients without any undue stress. If any other information is necessary to improve the work, this information is always provided to the translator almost immediately. I have yet to be disappointed by a failure to live up to a promise, even though that is usually not the case elsewhere. Moreover, they do not use the unfair practice of extending maturity periods for invoices as happens elsewhere. I praise them, but only because they deserve it.