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Why us

Look at how we have grown

We began in 2006 as a collective of linguistic enthusiasts undertaking translation and interpreting work for our immediate environs. Our team soon rapidly expanded and our growth commenced on the back of the good name which we had acquired among our clients thanks to our enthusiasm and our regular meticulous work. Our activities began to take on an entire new dimension.

Over time, we have transformed into a successful agency which actively cooperates with more than five thousand translators worldwide and which can offer services in more than 120 languages. We are also able to translate and interpret for you in very uncommon languages with the guaranteed availability of a native speaker. We enjoy our work. We cooperate with the representatives of entities from the commercial sector, the state sector, educational and cultural institutions and non-profit organisations and our client network is ever expanding, including beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. We are growing with our clients and we are proud of it.   

Why are we here? Working with us will help you open doors during business meetings and move your business forward. We will help you to overcome the language barrier which prevents you from communicating with your partners, clients or employees. We are here for you and to help you cope with tense situations, where you are pressed for time and you need a truly reliable partner who will not refuse you even the most urgent assistance. We are aware of the efforts which you expend on your projects (no matter whether with regard to the preparation of business contracts, technical manuals or invitations to cultural events which you organise) and we approach each one with the same commitment, if you ask us to translate it. We have done this for you for a number of years now, day by day.

"We have worked with Language Partners® for a long time. The orders are always completed within the agreed deadlines and at the required quality. We also highly appreciate the very good level of communication and the flexibility when resolving specific requirements. Language Partners® is a reliable partner for us."

Petr Blaha, Sales and Project Manager - Export  

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We provide high quality work

Since the very beginning, we have known that we would not get far without achieving a consistently high level of quality for our services. We adhere to an (ostensibly) simple truth; the guarantee of long-term, high quality services leads to our clients being satisfied and they then return to us with confidence and are happy to recommend our services to others. We help you to communicate in a problem-free manner and to overcome all language barriers. We are at your disposal every day, so that you can come closer to achieving the goals which you have set yourself. 

The quality of the translations and interpreting are our mantra. Every day, we ensure that all of the orders which we receive are completed smoothly throughout the entire process; from the communication with you through to the processing of the order, including thorough inspections at several levels, and on to the final product which meets all of your demanding requirements. We are always happy to go the extra mile for you – we are happy about every additional detail which we are able to help you with and which may provide you with real added value.

Our translators and interpreters are only the very best. Each of them undergoes a demanding selection process and we only enter into cooperation with those who have the necessary education and experience. We always select the most suitable translators and interpreters for each order not only in accordance with the given language combination, but also with regard to the area of focus of the individual projects; they are always specialists in their given field.

"When working with Language Partners®, I have had the opportunity to observe the meaning of the word efficiency in action. We often have to resolve tight deadlines and various other unpredictable factors, which our clients must never know of. They want to receive what they need, on time and at a good quality. And that is precisely how Language Partners® work."

Leona Barglová, Head of the Customer Department 

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How we do it

The organisation of our work

Translations and interpreting are secured by an independent department, while project managers are in charge of the orders. Each of them has been trained to be able to provide you with the highest level of service, ranging from communication through to the actual realisation and handover of the order, including securing your feedback. Thanks to our extensive team of qualified and experienced translators and interpreters and the use of our tried-and-tested system for the preparation and realisation of orders, we are also able to handle large projects in just a short period of time. Every day, we provide you with the best translators, interpreters, proof-readers and any other specialists whom you may need under any circumstances; no matter if the order involves a highly specialised field or if you are pressed for time.


We translate both general and specialist texts, such as legal, commercial, marketing and different types of technical texts, including the option of legalisation. We are not limited by any specialist field and we are also able to provide you with interpreting for any event, including all the appropriate associated terminology. We are happy to compile terminological dictionaries for you and to make sure that they are regularly updated so that we can guarantee terminologically consistent translations for you over the long term.  

Express deadlines

We are here for you 24/7, 365 days of the year and we are always happy to meet your requirements. We endeavour to ensure maximum flexibility in the order deadlines and we excel at meeting express deadlines. We can translate even the most diverse language combinations for you with express deadlines according to your requirements. We are happy to comply with your needs. We understand that you often have to deal with urgent situations and how important it is to have a truly reliable partner at such times.    

One hundred percent discretion and information protection

We treat every document as highly confidential. Our information security system protects all your confidential information against loss and abuse. All our translators and interpreters are contractually bound to maintain confidentially about all the facts associated with each order.

"What do LANGUAGE PARTNERS® mean for us? A stable partner, whom we can rely on in every situation! We always receive immediate feedback, the translations fully comply with our requirements and we always receive them within the agreed deadline and very often even earlier!"

Markéta Hošková, Marketing Executive

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What we stand for

Language Partners®: the company’s goals and commitments

Language Partners® is a company with many years of experience in the area of translation and interpreting. All of the employees at Language Partners® are required to strive to make constant improvements in the quality of all the provided services. Our basic goal and commitment is to be a high quality and reliable partner for our clients by satisfying all their needs. Our long-term strategic goal is to maintain and constantly strengthen our market position by providing services of the highest quality, including with regard to environmental protection.

The commitment to socially responsible business

The commitment to social responsibility is an integral part of our company strategy and it applies to all economic, social and environmental areas. Within the framework of this concept, we subscribe to our responsibility not only in the area of our commercial decisions and strategies, but also in the area of the environment and the social impact of the company’s operations. We understand socially responsible behaviour to mean long-term investments contributing to our company’s overall development.

The client focus and the quality policy

The prerequisite for achieving our goals is the guaranteed provision of services to our clients at the required level of quality and we are assisted in achieving this by the quality control system which has been implemented by Language Partners®. The company management bears the main responsibility in this regard and is personally responsible for implementing the quality control system and for ensuring the conditions which enable the system to undergo constant improvements. Every partner in the company also bears responsibility for the consistent adherence to the procedures designated by the quality control system as well as for achieving systematic improvements in quality. The improvements in the company are based on the application of the implemented quality control system according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009 and EN 15038 standards. The company management is involved in achieving constant staff improvements, secures the funds for implementing and improving the quality control system and systematically monitors and evaluates the quality of our internal and external colleagues. At the same time, the management is committed to constantly reviewing the suitability of the company’s set course and to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of all the processes within the framework of the quality control system.  

The management and organisation of the employees, the relationships with suppliers  

We perceive our company as a balanced unit; we take great care to ensure the further positive development of the company culture, the company’s image and the solidarity, positive relations and loyalty of all the employees towards the company. Our goal is to constantly optimise and improve the company’s processes and to systematically support effective company communication and teamwork so that our company is able to create a successfully functioning unit. The cooperation with all our colleagues is based on specialist professional requirements and rules established on the basis of internationally acknowledged quality standards which ensure a stably high level of quality for all of the provided services.   

Environmental questions

The environmental protection policy also constitutes an integral part of our company policy and it stipulates the principles of the Language Partners® agency’s relationship with the environment. When promoting our corporate goals, we make sure that the environment is protected during all our activities. The main prerequisite is the considerate and rational use of natural resources.

"We are grateful for your professional approach. The cooperation with your company is not only highly effective, but also very pleasant from the point of view of the communication."

Markéta Forejtová, Baby & Toll logistics

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