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Our clients

You are in good company

We have worked with many clients in a wide range of fields. Take a look at a selection of our projects. 

  • LP assisted the Moravian-Silesian regional television broadcaster POLAR with the provision of translations and the creation of audio recordings in Swedish, Latvian, Finnish or Byelorussian at the Ice Hockey World Championships in 2015. We managed the express deliveries with ease and significantly contributed to the smooth course of the entire event.
  • LP has commenced exclusive cooperation with Student Agency, k.s. and now takes care of all the company’s translations in a wide range of language combinations.
  • LP can boast the realisation of a (super)express translation into Hebrew for AAA AUTO Group N.V.
  • LP has contributed to the translation of the promotional materials produced by Karlovarské minerální vody, a.s. for the Chinese and Thai markets. The translations were undertaken by native speakers without a single mistake or typing error.
  • LP has commenced long-term cooperation with the significant client UniCredit Bank. The client is delighted – we regularly translate texts within just a few hours! 
  • LP provided the interpreting upon the occasion of a meeting of the representatives of the Moravian-Silesian Region with a delegation from China for the purpose of discussions concerning possible cooperation in the areas of commerce, education and culture. Everything took place without a single hitch.   
  • LP supported its client OSC, a.s. during the course of the realisation of an extensive project by providing a maximally reliable translation service for express translations into Ukrainian. 
  • LP is a long-term partner of Mahle Behr s.r.o. for translations of demanding technical texts. The translations are further used by teams of specialists who appreciate the precision of our translations.     
  • LP successfully realised the extensive translation of an expert study for a significant client: the Technological Centre at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  • LP secured comprehensive interpreting services, including the necessary interpreting technology, for the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic during a significant event; an international conference upon the occasion of the launch of the Galileo navigation system. Our interpreters were perfectly prepared and the client was extremely satisfied.   
  • LP assisted the National Technical Museum with translations of highly specialised texts designated for one of the museum’s main exhibits.  
  • LP was awarded the extensive, but express translation of technically oriented texts in the English-Danish-Norwegian combination for the company NTC Stavební technika spol. s r. o.
  • LP has successfully continued its cooperation of several years with Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel Prague. We translate all texts ranging from legal documents to marketing materials for one of the country’s most prestigious hotels.
  • LP regularly assists with translations for the Municipal Authority of Pardubice within the framework of the Czech-Swiss cooperation project, which is of great significance for the region. The client appreciates our flexibility and helpfulness and the fact that we are even able to translate 50 standard pages by the following day! The quality of the translations is at a stably high level.   
  • LP completed a highly demanding project involving the translation of an extensive amount of highly specialised legal documents within an express deadline for IMOS Development, a.s.. The client appreciated the speed and quality of all the translated texts.
  • LP contributed to the smooth course of the multi-day certificate audit for VUAB Pharma, a.s. – the client was able to rely completely on excellent consecutive English-Czech interpreting in this terminologically demanding field.  
  • LP has been the exclusive supplier of translations to Borcad CZ, s.r.o., one of the leading producers of rail and healthcare technology in this country which exports to more than 80 countries worldwide, for a number of years. The client is happy with the cooperation with us, during which translations into Slovenian, Danish, Arabic or Chinese have been completed perfectly!
  • LP has established cooperation with the leading Italian airline Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana.
  • LP regularly translates marketing materials for JLV, a.s., including into Chinese. The client has always praised the flawless work. 

And why do our clients praise us?

  • Josef Novák

    Marketing Executive - BORCAD cz s.r.o.

    It is only worthwhile outsourcing services, if the received services are of a high quality, affordable and, especially in this day and age, quickly accessible. “Language Partners®” provides us with all of that. 

  • Leona Barglová

    Head of the Customer Care Department - Pharma Future s.r.o.

    When working with LANGUAGE PARTNERS®, I have had the opportunity to observe the meaning of the word efficiency in action. We often have to resolve tight deadlines and various other unpredictable factors, which our clients must never know of. They want to receive what they need, on time and at a good quality. And that is precisely how LANGUAGE PARTNERS® work.

  • Markéta Hošková

    Marketing Executive - Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel

    What do LANGUAGE PARTNERS® mean for us? A stable partner, whom we can rely on in every situation! We always receive immediate feedback, the translations fully comply with our requirements and we always receive them within the agreed deadline. 

  • Petr Blaha

    Sales and Project Manager – Export - DT Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s.

    We have worked with Language Partners® for a long time. The orders are always completed within the agreed deadlines and at the required quality. We also rate the level of communication and the flexibility when resolving specific requirements very highly. Language Partners® is a reliable partner for us.

  • Karolína Slezáková

    Head of the Managing Director’s Office - JLV, a.s.

    We have always been and continue to be satisfied with the services provided by Language Partners®. The individual translations are flawless, the deadlines are always met and the invoicing is always completely problem-free. We can also recommend this company from the point of view of communication – their employees are always highly professional and very pleasant. 

  • Rostislav Herza

    Managing Director - Dolzer Maßkonfektionäre GmbH

    We originally contacted Language Partners® because our arranged translator had fallen through. On the very next day, we received professional services from an excellently prepared interpreter with an extensive vocabulary which also enabled him to translate terms which are technically specific to our field of clothing manufacture. Thank you and we are looking forward to working with you again. 

  • Pavel Sedláček

    Company Manager - MedicProgress, a.s.

    When it comes to our cooperation with LANGUAGE PARTNERS®, I appreciate the SPEED, PROFESSIONALISM, PRECISION and the excellent COMMUNICATION. Just as in our field of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, a satisfied customer is also the best form of marketing in this case.

  • Bohdana Boniatti

    Head of the TV POLAR Commercial Department - TV POLAR

    I have observed your communication with our production over several months and I really have to praise your approach. Your reactions are incredibly fast and accommodating. Thank you very much. You have no idea how pleasant that is, especially when our team is completing the handover of a job or the preparation of fan zones for the Ice Hockey World Championships. 

  • Irena Matějů

    Management Assistant - Niersberger Instalace, s.r.o.

    Language Partners® have been our translation partner for several years. I greatly appreciate their flexibility, fast and flawless communication and feedback, as well as their excellent translation quality and the precise adherence to the delivery times.

  • Markéta Forejtová

    Baby & Toy Logistics - Piccollo spol. s r.o.

    We are grateful for your professional approach. The cooperation with your company is not only highly effective, but also very pleasant from the point of view of the communication.

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